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Attorney Maria Giovanna Ruo

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Attorney Maria Giovanna Ruo graduated with honors and has since gained extensive and diverse professional experience in personal, juvenile, and family law. She practices before higher courts and the European Court of Human Rights. She favors negotiated solutions and is a strong advocate for the assisted negotiation procedure in family matters and joint appeals. Not only is she a matrimonial lawyer, but also an expert in juvenile law and the rights of the elderly and end-of-life issues. Her broad experience in all proceedings involving individuals, minors, and families has rooted in her the belief that the client should be welcomed in their human needs, clearly informed of their rights and reasons, constantly kept informed of the activities carried out for their protection, and supported in the reconstruction of their emotional relationships.
Attorney Maria Giovanna Ruo has been a consultant for public entities (e.g., Guarantor Authority for Childhood and Adolescence), a member of ministerial committees (Minors and Mafia, Child Guarantee, VII commission for the Reform of Civil Procedure) and private individuals. She has had 35 hearings in institutional settings such as Parliament, Government, AGIA, CNB, and others. She has also provided consultancy services for foreign states and has been part of family committees in legal bodies. With funding from the Lawyers’ Fund, she conceived the CEDUinCAMMINO portal.
Attorney Maria Giovanna Ruo has taught Family and Juvenile Law at the university (LUMSA-Rome) and has been a lecturer in master’s programs. She has written over a hundred publications, including articles and books, and has participated in about 500 events, organizing dozens of training events.
In 1999, attorney Maria Giovanna Ruo contributed to the founding of CAMMINO, a specialized association recognized by the National Bar Council (CNF), which she chaired for many years. Currently, she presides over the High Specialized Training School for Lawyers (SAFSA), overseeing national courses and events. She has also gained extensive and in-depth experience in contractual, real estate, and succession matters.

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