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Family Law, Minors, and Successions

The law firm Ruo Piazzoni boasts extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, in all proceedings related to family law (separations, divorces, modification of conditions, cohabitation agreements, and partner protection) and in all matters that are inevitably connected to them (dissolution of legal co-ownership, division of assets, challenging ecclesiastical nullity judgments, recovery of unpaid maintenance, property issues, division of survivor’s pension, rights to the TFR quota, restitution and revocation actions, etc.). The firm has been assisting clients for decades in so-called status actions relating to filiation (disavowal, challenges for lack of truthfulness, claims and disputes regarding the status of a child).

For decades, the law firm Ruo Piazzoni has been handling juvenile law cases before both national courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Specifically, the firm assists clients in proceedings related to child support and custody, parental responsibility matters (exercise, limitation, and termination), full adoption proceedings, and, in special cases, family placement. The firm also has extensive experience in proceedings concerning authorization for second recognition, recognition of children under the age of sixteen, recognition of so-called incestuous children and their right to maintenance, the right of the child to maintain a relationship with grandparents, and their potential duty of support. The firm also handles cases of international child abduction, recognition of foreign judgments concerning parental rights, protection of minors from abusive behaviors within and outside the family, appeals in educational matters, and the appointment of special curators in financial issues.

The law firm Ruo Piazzoni provides judicial and/or non-judicial assistance to clients in various areas of inheritance law, both in relation to the organization and structuring of assets prior to death (donations, sales, etc.), and regarding issues that may arise after the decease of the deceased, such as reduction actions, revocation actions, nullity of the will, and more.

The law firm also provides consultancy services regarding the provisions of the so-called “law on after us,” which allows for the possibility of allocating certain assets to ensure assistance for individuals with severe disabilities who are or will be deprived of family support (Law 2016/112).

Elder law and grandparent rights

The law firm Ruo Piazzoni has always taken care of the interests of elderly individuals: particular attention is given to the grandparent-grandchild relationship and the right to affection. The firm has extensive experience in the appointment and revocation of a legal guardian, matters concerning the responsibilities of the legal guardian, Advance Healthcare Directives, interdiction and incapacitation, actions to nullify transactions and contracts due to natural incapacity.